People! Friends! Hello!

Holy hell, there be Developments. Changes! Major OCCURENCES!

Thing One:

For one, I mean, glance around, this ain’t no LJ, huh? Huh? Hands up!

::jump high fives::

YEAH! I mean, ain’t nothing wrong with LiveJournal, but shit man, it gets hacked a lot…and o’ the depths of le spam. I could make a thousand pound sandwich of all the weirdo Russian toaster porn I had to delete over there. I don’t care if George R.R. Martin still uses it, it was time for me to move on. So take a gander at the new digs. I have a BIO section and somewhere for MERCH! and this vastly wide-assed blog space.

It makes me tingle with excitement.
Which sounds similar to tinkling with excitement.
Which is not quite accurate because I am not, in fact, pissing myself with joy, but I have room to waggle my ass around here with less European anarcho-fetish spam to delete.

And I made it mostly by MYSELF! Though I did have the assistance of my friend Amanda in cursory set-up and general queries…like “DUDE! How do I get a Tumblr or Goodreads button?” And then, *BAM*. She magic-fingered that S into being.

Ghost in the Shell typing gifThing Two:

AWWWW, MAN! I am so frikkin close to done with The Novel.

To catch up any new cohorts –

I have been writing a novel for…oh…ten years or so. I mean, not Every Day For Ten Years. More like…I fucked around for the first five right out of college, writing a short story here and there for open mics and general novels scenes with no direction or plot whatsoever. For the past five years, I have had the drive and ability to write the novel I wanted to write, but I’ve also been working full-time. Steady as she goes and now she is almost gone.

I have had beta readers. I have fixed their shit. I am now making my fixes. I will be doing my last re-write by the end of January. I am searching for an affordable line-editor to hand it over to in February. I have Matthew Ryan Sharp – A HOLY F, SO AWESOME!!! graphic designer and artist – working on cover art, chapter font designs and other bookish projects done by about the end of March. I am looking to have The Novel published via e-book and POD by the beginning of May.

:: puts laptop down ::
:: jumps up and down on bed in nerdjoy ::

It’s called There is No Lovely End. It is the story of Sarah Winchester (the heir of the Winchester Rifle fortune) and the unknown medium who sent her out West, thus leading her to build her famous Mystery House.

Thing Three:

I gotta emphasize here…I am going to be working with MATTHEW RYAN SHARP. I mean…I mean…


A Path Less Traveled by Matthew Ryan SharpHe does these dark, scumbag, aged illustrations that are a devastatingly gorgeous blend of morbid vices and pseudo-Victorianism. I get all sweaty just thinking about it. I mean LOOK AT THIS STUFF! —>

To add more hell yes to the hollering, Sharp believes in accessible art, so if yer interested, his prints are usually around 20 bucks and every print comes with custom hand stamps on the back and signed.

That is something that is important to me…keeping art affordable. Keeping art available to the people who need it most. The ones who look at their 20 dollar print for five minutes a day and that is their vacation. The people who read a 15 dollar novel for fifteen hours because they sure as spit’s slick can’t afford a fifteen hour massage.

I want artists to get paid. I want to be paid. But I also absolutely appreciate when that level of pay is within what my friends and I can reach.


Happy January, folks.

Glad to have you at my new site. Look for writerly blogotrons on Mondays, super rad book, movie and music talk on Wednesdays and oddball lists on Fridays.


The New Year’s looking pretty swell.