Once every six moons, I get the idea in my head that I can be GODDESS CONCOCTION! QUEEN OF CRAFTING! And I make a thing. Sometimes these tidbits turn into salty, sour wounds because crocheting apocalypse chainmail may be a more intensive activity than I gave it credit for.

BUT! I made a thing. I made it and I love it and I wanted to share it. I am even thinking of making MORE OF THEM! (On different themes)

A good friend of mine got married. I’m a wee bit hard up for cash and I wanted to create a gift for ze newlyweds.

I made a wunderkammer.

Everything in it was a charm dedicated to their intertwined lives. Do I believe in magic? Do I believe in sorcery? Dunno. But I am constantly collecting objects that I feel hold meaning. (Most recently I pocketed six stones at a moonlit Del McCoury show) Maybe I’m a smidge Merricat Blackwood with her sympathetic magic. You gotta make your own import in this world and I do that by surrounding myself with the folks and objects that give my life depth.

So I listened to this:

And I woodburned and stained this into existence:

curiosity cabinet, wunderkammer

cabinet of curiosities, wunderkammer

curiosity cabinet, wunderkammer

curiosity cabinet, wunderkammer

curiosity cabinet, wunderkammer




Wunderkammer Key

Owl Track: That the path of truth & wisdom may be found together

Long Snouted Beetle: That phenomenal strength may be found in one another

Jar of T. Nelson Downs’ Grave Dirt: That monetary stability may constantly be manipulated into being

Sequoia Pine Cones: That the longevity of redwoods be with the happy couple

Handstitched Satchels of St. John’s Wort: That anxieties are quickly soothed and robust health ensues

Twigs from Hank Williams’ Boyhood Yard: That music may be ever present

Bright Star” Thrice Bound: For passion, beauty, and the constant creation of art

Home-sewn Burlap Sack of Gravel (stolen from a wind farm) & beads (from long-loved jewelry): That only the bright mayblow into the couple’s future


And each slash burned into the sides was a well-wish or blessing said for the lovers.

* * *

Lessons learned: I love woodburning. Folk art is fun. Staining takes longer to dry than I thought. I WANT TO DO MORE OF THIS!