Well holeeeeeeeeeeee shinola.

I am a good sleep away from driving four hours to Minnesota for my first ever CONvergence!

It is BIG. LIKE A ZILLION PEOPLE. Or maybe just more thousands than I am used to.

Sequins? Check.

Stripes? Yes.

Snacks? Mmhm.

Stompy boots? Oh yeah.


THURSDAY * 8:30 pm * Doubletree Plaza 1 – Why Are There No Sexy Mummies?

FRIDAY * 12:30 pm * Doubletree Room 2201 – Reading w/ Emmy Jackson

SATURDAY * 11 am * Doubletree Atrium 2 – Getting Over Artist’s Block

SATURDAY * 2 pm * Doubletree Autograph Table B – BOOK SIGNING!

SATURDAY * 8:30 pm * Doubletree Atrium 3 – Twin Peaks Panel

* * *

If you see me, stop me in the hallway and I’ll dance party with you.

High fives and see ya there, ya filthy animals.

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