Today is already awesome. I just got a FREE DONUT! It was soft and hot and I PUT IT IN MY MOUTH!

::nom nom nom::

And I have a mega stacked Americano for the tippin’ and sippin’.

Not only do I LOVE the Gizmo shirt I am wearing, I love my rings today. GLORIOUS:

patty templeton hand

Anyways. It is time for another con. Yes, already, dear Liza. This week it is DemiCon. Here’s where I’ll be:


FRIDAY, Missouri, 9 pm: It Came From the Midway

SATURDAY, Missouri, 4 pm: My reading!

SUNDAY, Illinois, 10 am: Magic of Music


Come party with me. We can dance party or coffee party or book party or bounce party or hallway dance party or donut party. All of the PARTIES! We will get Andrew W.K. on this con.