Hey Lovely Fiends and Finagglers,

I am in the magical, working class, badass land of Michigan this weekend for PENGUICON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like it. It feels homey. It reminds me of Chicagoland with all its bungalows and bars.

ANYWAYS! I am on a crapton of panels and have a book sales table in the Maker Hallway (table #21a, for detail oriented folks).

Here be my panels:

patty templeton penguicon 2015 schedule


4 pm – Larval Writers – Windover

8 pm – Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing – Board of Governors


1 pm – From Batgirl to Buffy and Beyond: Librarians in Pop Culture and Real Life – Montcalm

3 pm – Rad Women in Music – Board of Governors

4 pm – Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing – Hamlin

5 pm – Rejection: Dealing with the Darker Side of Creative Life – Board of Governors


10 am – You got your SCIFI in my… – Algonquin C


…see y’all there!