On Fridays, I’m gonna spotlight lists. Because I’m a freak for lists. If lists were named Juliet, I would be their Romeo. I would sit at their feet massaging their stubbly calves while their favorite casserole baked in the oven and carnation petals fell from a jerry rigged, homemade heartcloud above.

Lists will mainly be:

If you like this book, try these bands…


If you like this band, try these books…

Do we see a trend here? Books and music? Yes. There we go. Not always, but probably often. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE MY LIFE. If lists are my Juliet, then Books and Music are my be-all, end-all Cleopatra. Can’t get by without either, ever. Cut off my books and I cut off your head. Quiet my music and I quiet your neck with a knuckle punch.

Getting on with it! My INAUGURAL LIST!


If you liked Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey, try these bands…


Genre: Urban fantasy

Tone: Dark, violent, sarcastic

Summary: James Stark escaped from Hell. Now, he’ s damn sure going to hunt down the sonsabitches who put him there.



Quintessential industrial band. I can hear “Jesus Built My Hot Rod” screaming out of a hellion’s shouldered, shitty boombox, right before Stark kicks his ass for carrying a boombox on his shoulder. No this never happens in the book. So what. I’m a fan. I just wrote my first fan/flash fiction story:

Stark saw a hellion with a boombox. It blared “Jesus Built My Hot Rod”.

Stark had a hangover.

He punched a hole through the boombox and the hellion’s brain.

The end.


My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

Aggressive, campy, industrial dance-rock sliced full of sound bites. Hit and Run Holiday is totally the album that comes on at Bamboo House of Dolls around 3 am when Martin Denny is too mellow for boozehounds to shimmy to.


Murder City Devils

Raw garage rock with a whining haunted house organ. “Press Gang” all the way. It’s playing as Stark slow-mo walks outta Donut Universe to a fight a government man or other beastly piece of shit.


Reverend Beatman/The Monsters

Yeah. I did that. I picked two bands and counted them as one. (Beatman is the lead singer of The Monsters.) The way I see it, Stark steals a car and Reverend Beatman’s tawdry, primitive rock ‘n roll “Jesus Christ Twist” plays as he roars down dark LA streets. Stark gets to Bamboo House of Dolls and the vigorous rockabilly of The Monsters “Blow Um Mau Mau” beats against him as he enters.


The CrampsThe Cramps

Are you kidding me? Trashy psycho post-punk. Yes. All over this book. “Can Your Pussy do the Dog” is the song Kasabian misses beating off to while watching women shuffle through Max Overdrive in summer dresses before Stark made him a partial human. “Garbageman” should be playing when Stark dumps a body at the tar pits. “Fever” anytime Stark’s spiraling downward thinking on Alice. “Sinners” plays faded and faraway as Stark climbs outta smoldering garbage in the Hollywood Forever cemetery.



HA! How’s about when the Nazis come to the bar? I kinda want that fight soundtracked with “Gimme Some Action”. Rough-voiced classic punk bash it up, break it down.



Ferocious LA punk. “The World’s a Mess; It’s in my Kiss” has just the right amount of wailing rightness to be the song stuck in Stark’s head on what could be good day, but inevitably goes wrong.



Cathartic, exuberantly angsty post-punk revival tunes. “Strife” should be echoing down the shadowy edges of Muninn’s cavern.


Patti Smith

Pissing in a River” is playing while Stark strips off, yet another, blood-stained shirt and sits down to clean his guns. Total soft-porn lighting is going on, maybe like he’s sitting in front of a window where he is silhouetted by flickering red neon.


Iggy and the Stooges

Iggy and the StoogesLust for Life” is playing while Candy and Stark kick the religion out of a bunch of a Satanists.

Passenger” – are you kidding me? – ANY epic night driving scene

Search and Destroy” ANYWHERE. Like anywhere. Absolutely any fight scene in this book. Or hell, anytime Stark is moodily striding with purpose to kill someone, which is ALWAYS!



…as you’ve noticed, I’ve not only picked artists that I think match the tone and genre of the writing, but also that might-could soundtrack the shit out of the movie version.

High fives, till next time.