It has been an atomic age since I’ve written about anything other than music. Mainly because I’m BEHIND ON EVERYTHING! Like all of life. Even the music writing. I went to the Muddy Roots Spring Weekender and haven’t written shit about that. (And I saw Dr. Ralph Stanley, The Tillers, about a billion other bands, and was on stage for the Dad Horse Experience). I barely make it to the bathroom to piss on time, let alone blog on a consistent schedule.

For not having a “real job”…I am running ragged.

Remember that whole self-publishing thing?


Um. I now realize why people have degrees and get paid the big bucks for book design. Because it’s fucking hard. Everything takes about three times longer than I thought it would. But it’s all good. It’s getting done. The book will be out ’round late June.

But I can’t think about any of that right now…because…OH MY GEEZ…

I am in prep mode.

Tomorrow, I head off to the world’s leading feminist, sci-fi convention, WisCon. It’s in Madison, Wisconsin and I’ve been going for the past five years. OK, OK. If I’ve been going for five years, why am I so nervous about this year?

This is the first year I’M ON PANELING!

Booyah. Somebody put on The Grown-up Writer Pants.

::spotlight shines on me sitting on the ground typing at a coffee table::

If you’re going to be there, hit up one of my panels. Here’s my schedule:

Friday, 2:30 p.m. – 3:45, Senate A:

The Once and Future Badass: Historical Women Who Inspire, Challenge, and Unsettle Us

Friday, 9:00 p.m. – 10:15, Conference 1:

Spindles and Spitfire: A Reading (with Lisa Bradley, Gwynne Garfinkle, Shira Lipkin, and Me!)

Saturday, 4:00 p.m. – 5:15, Senate B:

Welcome to Night Vale: The Panel

Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 11:15, Wisconsin Room:

Outrageous Women of the 19th Century!

running titan gif

…on my way to panels

…yup. Three panels and a reading. It’s exciting and TERRIFYING. Please just let me make it to my panels on time and not stare blankly at the crowd. But this is what we have notes for, right? Bullets points to bully the brain.

See you on the other side, folks.